Welcome to Veteran Roasters Cup O' Joe

Paying back our veterans in need, one cup at a time. So why Veteran Roasters Cup O' Joe for our coffee? It’s a Navy thing. June 1914, Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels issued General Order 99 prohibiting alcohol aboard any naval vessel. That order did not sit well with the sailors, and, out of spite for Secretary Daniels they forever referred to their caffeinated beverage as a “Cup O' Joe”. Of course, there are other theories, but at Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe we are sticking with the Navy on this one! We are confident you won’t find a better cup of coffee. Proceeds from this special blend go to the veterans who help roast it and to all the veterans we will hire next. They were on the ground for us, buy this grounds for them! Drink it strong, drink it weak, but drink lots of it! Hoist your mug. Salute our veterans with our Veteran Roasters Cup O' Joe. This is "coffee on a mission". Each cup helps a veteran back on solid ground. They were on the ground for us. Drink these grounds of them!


Support a Veteran

Purchase a Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe coffee bag to support our heroes in need.


Our Mission

Last year 300,000 veterans were homeless for at least one night and there are over 160,000 chronically homeless. Sixteen years and two wars have stretched our military to the breaking point and left too many men and women with physical and emotional scars that they are left to deal with for a lifetime.