Night Ops Roast (dark roast)
Night Ops Roast (dark roast)
Night Ops Roast (dark roast)
Night Ops Roast (dark roast)

Night Ops Roast (dark roast)

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Our Night Ops Roast is bold and rich, with body and rich dark chocolate and caramel flavor.

The difference between coffee roasts: Dark roast coffee takes on a bold, smokey taste when compared to light and medium roasts.

About the Name: For decades, the US military has “owned the night” with advanced technology and tirelessly trained soldiers, seamen, airmen, and Marines. We raise a cup of Night Ops Dark Roast to them!

How Can I Track My Order?
Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email to the email address associated with your order. 

What Are Cutoff Dates for Holiday Shipping?
For the 2021 holiday season, order by December 16th for delivery by December 25th.

Where Do You Ship?
We currently deliver our veteran-made coffee to U.S. addresses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Coffee, Better Cause

Veteran Roasters is the BEST! I've had a subscription for a WHILE now and am never disappointed. I used to do whole bean, but have been getting ground because of their resealable bags. It keeps the coffee fresh and delicious even if it needs to sit on my shelf for a minute. I'm a huge fan of their dark roast. It has a full body taste without a weird aftertaste that I sometimes get from other coffees. All their coffees are great (as I have tried them all)! BUT, night ops is the BEST! ENJOY!

Mary Landrum
Great Taste

I received my first bag in a Christmas gift box. I never looked back! Even my husband, who had quit drinking coffee several years ago, wants his 2 cups in the morning! We are no sugar/no cream coffee drinkers. The smooth non bitter taste is amazing!!

William Guise

I heard about Veteran Roasters on the radio and thought it would be good to give you a try, especially since I'm in Chicagoland. As a veteran I always like to support veteran groups. I did find the Night Ops roast not a very dark roast. Taste is a fickle thing and I prefer a more dark roast. The coffee is OK at best, but I doubt I will purchase more. This coffee looked and tasted more like a medium to light roast. Love what you are doing for the veterans out there!

Patrick Cernekee
Nite Ops Roast

A great dark roast coffee….the best blend in my opinion that veteran’s roasters sell.

Anita Block
Full-bodied, but smooth

This is my husband’s brew of choice. He likes his coffee stronger. I’m a Cup a Joe girl. Dark roast vs medium roast. It’s tough to drink other coffees after these coffees.

We began Veteran Roasters in 2017 with a single goal:

Do what we can to give struggling veterans a place to work and regain their lives.