Our Mission

Veteran Roasters Coffee: Founded to Help

There are over 162,000 chronically homeless veterans in the United States. Veteran Roasters Coffee was established with the mission to combat chronic unemployment in the veteran community.  We started a company that could provide individual growth and provide a skill and opportunity in the growing coffee industry.

The craft roasting community has grown dramatically in recent years and with expansion there is opportunity. Veteran Roasters aims to find and roast some of the best coffee beans from all around the world.  At Veteran Roasters we pay a living wage, assist our veteran employees with proper housing, child care, and support so they can concentrate on bettering themselves and roasting great coffee!

Our Coffee

Veteran Roasters Coffee offers light, medium, dark and decaf coffee blends in whole bean and ground as well as K-cups and fraction packs. We have also developed a great cold brew for the warmer months when you need a refreshing pick-up.  Our coffee is sustainably sourced to ensure the best quality, taste and experience for you, our customer.  Relationships with bean farms in Papua New Guinea and Brazil that help us ensure we get great coffee from the farm to your cup!


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