About our coffee


We offer four different coffee roasts: light, medium, dark, and decaf. Whether you prefer cold brew or pour over coffee, our beans are available in whole bean, ground, k-cup, and fraction packs so your mug is always full.

Our quality Arabica beans come from a variety of sources, including direct from family farms and fair trade importers. We look for ways to connect with like minded partners who share our mission of supporting others, especially veterans. With four different types of coffee roasts, k-cups, fraction packs, and bundles, your coffee consumption is a click away from changing lives. Shop our coffee now!


Roasting Day at our Veteran Roasters Chicago warehouse is our favorite. It’s a day filled with community, conversation, and the smell of great coffee!

Our veteran coffee roasters are trained by the best premium coffee roaster in the Chicago area. The difference between coffee roasts lies in the process. At Veteran Roasters, our goal is to source great raw product and transform it into the best tasting coffee our customers can get their hands on. Green coffee beans are roasted through complex stages that transform basic beans into your favorite brew.

Our light roast beans, Enlisted Roast, are roasted for the shortest amount of time and have a light brown color and smooth finish. Our medium roast, Cup O’Joe, has a slightly stronger flavor and great chocolate notes. The Night Ops Dark Roast is our darkest roast, boasting rich, caramel notes and big body.

By roasting our beans to bring out their natural sweetness, you might even find yourself skipping cream and sugar.

Hear what our customers are saying about their latest batch of Veteran Roasters beans!


The coffee is incredibly smooth & balanced. The Night Ops roast instantly became one of my favorites.


Minneapolis, MN


I'm proud that this company is helping veterans in my own backyard. You'll appreciate how good the coffee is as well!


Chicago, IL


Not only does the coffee taste AMAZING, but I feel great supporting a company that cares about our Veterans.


Chicago, IL


This coffee is tops for flavor and freshness. Like having your own barista preparing coffee for you.


United States