As a veteran-owned coffee company, the mission behind Veteran Roasters beans is just as important as the people drinking them! Our blog dives deep on our vision, employees, and passion for helping veterans find passion and community after service.


Veteran Roasters Cheer
Like many other small businesses, 2021 marked the beginning of regaining our strength after the initial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. From battling supply chain issues to navigating a complete rebrand, our veteran-owned coffee company has had a very eventful...
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Coffee in the Military
America’s love for coffee can be traced back to the early days of our troops, who drank coffee for warmth, fuel, and morale. After all, we were never big fans of British tea… In 1832, President Andrew Jackson added coffee...
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Veteran Roasters Coffee, Medium Roast
Aside from water, coffee is the most frequently consumed daily beverage in the United States. But is drinking coffee good for you? Studies have shown that your morning-pick-me-up has health benefits you might not expect. 
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The Windy City is home to hot dogs, jazz music, deep dish pizza, countless sports fanatics, and almost a half a million military veterans. Veteran Roasters was founded in 2017 to help provide employment and support services to the Chicago veteran community, many of whom have struggled with transitioning back to civilian life. 
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