The History of Coffee in the Military

Coffee in the Military

America’s love for coffee can be traced back to the early days of our troops, who drank coffee for warmth, fuel, and morale. After all, we were never big fans of British tea… In 1832, President Andrew Jackson added coffee to the official military food ration and the rest is coffee history.

Without french presses and pour overs, troops had to roast and grind their own beans in the field. To facilitate their quick caffeine fix, the Army introduced the first instant coffee, a can of coffee reduction with added sugar and milk. 

During World War I, U.S. Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels banned alcohol on ships. Without rum and wine, soldiers turned to coffee which they dubbed “Cup of Joe” in spite of the prohibition. As a veteran-owned coffee company everything we do is rooted in the military, hence our medium roast named Cup O’Joe

In World War II, U.S. Troops invented one of the world’s most popular coffee concoctions: The Americano. Legend has it that our troops thought Italian espresso shots were too strong for their taste, so they began watering them down to resemble the brews they were used to. Back on U.S. soil, coffee was even briefly rationed so that our soldiers could get enough. 

Today, the military continues to run on coffee. In fact, coffee is still one of the most popular items that troops receive while deployed. After returning home from service, coffee continues to provide community and comfort as veterans transition to civilian life. For Veteran Roasters, coffee was the perfect medium to further our mission of employing and assisting veterans in the Chicago community. 

Our veteran coffee roasters are trained by some of the best premium coffee roasters in the Chicago area, providing them with a relevant, valuable skill set in an expanding industry. With Veteran Roasters, our team of hardworking veterans earn a living wage and gain access to housing assistance & many other resources.  Most importantly, they are a part of a community that supports and develops them both personally and professionally. Each purchase helps support veterans in need. Upgrade your coffee consumption today! 

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