Coffee 101: Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Veteran Roasters Product Lineup

Coffee plays a distinct role in many of our holiday traditions. Perhaps you’re catching up with distant relatives around the morning carafe, sipping on your decaf after a filling holiday meal, or keeping your hands warm while searching for that perfect tree to bring home. 

Caffeine lovers unite around the holidays. Here’s our gift guide for coffee lovers on your list: 

Sample Set

It’s easy to settle into a (cozy) rut with coffee choices. Once you find your beloved brew, you may be reluctant to branch back out to different roasts or brands. Introduce them to a coffee roaster like Veteran Roasters, whose mission is to help employ veterans one bag of coffee at a time. The Veteran Roasters Starter Pack lets them sample three of our classic roasts, Enlisted, Cup O’ Joe, and Night Ops. 

You can even create your own coffee gift basket by pairing some new beans with a tasting flight board. After all of the presents are unwrapped, the family can have fun trying to decode different notes and origins from the beans. 

Unique Accessories

The latest and greatest coffee accessories can get expensive and can start to clutter countertops. We’re impressed by this Ultralight Java Drip by GSI Outdoors that lets you brew amazing coffee in the most remote places (all for under $15). Gift this gadget alone, as a stocking stuffer, or paired with our climbers mug. 

Coffee Storage

The freshness of coffee is dependent on it’s storage environment. A vacuum sealed coffee canister makes a great gift for coffee addicts who may be keeping a few too many beans on hand. This canister holds a standard bag of 12 oz beans and doesn’t transfer flavor between batches. 

We’re wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season. For more coffee goodness, follow us on instagram @veteranroasters


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