Veterans who are homeless for at least one night


Chronically homeless veterans

Last year 300,000 veterans were homeless for at least one night. There are over 162,000 chronically homeless veterans in the United States.


The words veteran and homeless should never be used in the same sentence, so we decided to start a coffee company, hire homeless and unemployed veterans, teach them to roast the best coffee in Chicago and give them back the dignity that comes from being able to support yourself and your family.

At Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe we pay a living wage, help our employees with housing, child care and the daily living expenses so they can concentrate on being the best roasters in town. Every cup you brew helps a veteran so drink it weak, strong, or somewhere in between, but buy a lot and drink a lot!

Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe:
Founded to help

16 years and two wars have stretched our military to the breaking point and left too many men and women with physical and emotional scars that they are left to deal with for a lifetime.

Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe coffee was founded with two very simple, but focused missions; Roast the best damn coffee on the planet and find veterans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless and give them an opportunity to gain back their dignity.

To accomplish our mission of ending homelessness and chronic unemployment in the veteran community, we started a company that could provide growth, and most importantly, provide a skill and opportunity in a growing industry. The craft roasting community has grown dramatically in recent years, and when we connected with Joshua Millman and the Passion House Coffee Roasters team about partnering to hire and train veterans in the coffee industry the idea for Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe Coffee took flight. Passion House support allows us to find and roast some of the best coffee beans from all around the world and the experiences they provide

Our Products

Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe Coffee has a medium, dark and decaf blends in numerous sizes. We’ve also developed a great cold brew for the warm summer months when you need a refreshing pick up.

Remember…every bag, cup or can of coffee we sell helps us get closer to hiring more veterans in need of an opportunity.

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