Best way to store your coffee

While coffee technically doesn’t go bad in the sense that it won’t make you physically ill, stale coffee might make you want to gag. There are some tricks to keep your Veteran Roasters fresher than a Marine on shore leave.

Coffee needs to be dryer than dad jokes and darker than our Night Ops Roast. Like Gizmo, it shouldn’t get wet, at least until you’re brewing it. If that happens, toss it like a sailor on his first day at sea.

Coffee beans are shelf stable when stored properly, up to a certain point. The longer it sits past the expiration date, the more the beans deteriorate and lose their flavor.

Whole bean coffee stores best and delivers optimum freshness. When you grind them, keep the amount to just what you need at that time. Order only as much as you can drink within three to four weeks for the best results.

If you purchase ground coffee, it’s best to use within two weeks of opening. The same goes for instant coffee (if you’re in a pinch).

Once brewed, your Cup O’ Joe can be kept at room temp for up to twelve hours, or stored three to four days in the fridge.

Like any modern hero, coffee has a few villains out to get it…air, light, moisture, and heat degrade the quality. Oxygen and light make it go stale. Exposure to humidity spoils the coffee beans, and heat steals the flavor.

To avoid these dastardly conditions, always seal your coffee in an airtight, opaque container, and store it in a cool dark cabinet – not the freezer or fridge – coffee is porous and absorbs aromas lingering around it.

Fresh coffee, once frozen, never tastes the same. If you absolutely must freeze it, make sure it’s in an opaque, vacuum-sealed vessel, and thaw it to room temp before using.

Storing in the refrigerator causes coffee beans to age faster as the conditions cause the beans to condensate and pushes the flavorful oils of the coffee toward the surface.

For best results, don’t buy more than you can use within a few weeks. Subscribe to your favorite Veteran Roasters brew – you’ll save 10% and we’ll stock your pantry with our delicious, freshly-roasted small batch coffee. 

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