Make it your best Cup O' Joe

Make it your best Cup O' Joe

Make sure that you keep your coffee at its best. Here are five tweaks you can make to keep good coffee from going bad.

Protect your Joe – Never store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. While a cool place is ideal, the fridge will age your beans! Instead, keep them away from heat in a dark, airtight container that will keep them dry.

Less is not more – Using less than the recommended 1-2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water brews weak, watery coffee. Measure your ingredients for a consistently good Cup O’Joe.

Filter your water – Coffee is only two ingredients, so make sure your water quality is as good as your grounds.  Tap water is full of chlorine and other impurities, so for the best results, use filtered or bottled water when brewing.

Check your grinds – Whatever way you brew your coffee, adapt the size of your grinds to match the method.  We can discuss the science behind this for awhile but in a nutshell this goes as follows – for French Press use coarse; for drip and cold brew use medium; and pour-over and espresso require fine grounds.

Chill – Brew it with boiling water, and you end up with a bitter mess. Leave it to cool too long and you’ve got weak sauce. Instead, shoot for a temperature between 195 and 205, or approximately 30 to 45 seconds off boil.

Coffee is simple. Good coffee requires finesse. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll get a consistently better brew.

The best results come from using quality, fresh ingredients. Subscribe to your favorite Veteran Roasters brew – you’ll save 10% and we will keep your pantry stocked each month with our delicious, freshly-roasted small batch coffee. 

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